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Klara Janypkova is an architect and designer. After completing her design studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Prague, she worked with several product and interior design companies in Prague and Ibiza. In 2020, she established her own practice, driven by a vision to craft spaces that resonate with individuality and functional elegance.

Her work spans a diverse range of scales, from interior architectures to product designs and sculptures. At the heart of each project lies a commitment to the principles of concept, composition, geometry, materiality, and attention to detail.
Her collaborative approach, working alongside skilled professionals from various disciplines, ensures a tailored solution for every client, meeting their unique needs. 
She works with varied clients: from national institutes to private companies and individuals.

In 2021, she founded Monotropa, an interior furnishing brand that reflects her philosophy of blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Take a look at her portfolio, connect for a consultation, or explore the world of Monotropa. Let's turn your visions into reality!