Throne Stools | RA

The Throne stools are made of recycled plastic ~ one of the most precious materials of the 21st century. It is strong, durable, lightweight and recyclable, it is spread around the world but still its uniqueness is still not appreciated everywhere.

The adjusted plastic boards were created from all kinds and colours of plastic waste by the Czech company Transform  a.s. Brushing of the surface reveals the colourful  texture of unmelted plastic pieces. The advantage of their usage in the construction is their melting ability.  The parts were  warmed up and pressed togetger, so that no physical joints are needed. 

The design was created within the first collection of studio RA.


RA, creator of the universe and giver of life, 
day by day he travels across the sky
and the underworld in his solar barques.
Accompanied by his servants and other deities.
Seated on his Sun Throne.

Photo ~ Tereza Ludvika Valníčková