Searching for CAFEA

The aim of this project is to create the new material identity based on used coffee grounds, which is often found as unused waste product of many restaurants and cafes.

CAFEA is ideal biodegradable material achieved by experimenting with various organic binders. The aim is to find such material and its possible application for various single-use products.

1 | Potato starch glue

Although potato starch is a local well accessible ingredient, its usage with used coffee grounds turned out not to be that great. The pieces appeared though and coherent but brittle and not that much water-proof.

2 | Casein based glue

Casein is the main milk protein. It is obtained by acidic precipitation, followed by neutralization with calcium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. The production of casein and caseinates is one of the possibilities of using excess milk. In addition to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, it is used for the production of adhesives, food foils or baits for fish.
The material bound with the casein glue is still flexible after pressing, but within few hours it becomes completely firm and well resist.

2 | Gelatin based glue

Gelatin is a pure, easily digestible protein consisting of 18 amino acids. In addition to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, it is also used in the manufacture of plastics, paper or photographic materials.
The resulting material gained air strength quickly, but slightly deformed and reduced the volume by 25%. However, it can retain the water for several hours without damaging the surface