Drinking Set

Let(’s) Talk Water

The set of water containers is inspired by a composition of various plastic wastewater pipes. 
Both is designed for water flow - pure drinking water vs. polluted wastewater.
What percentage of waste water is still clean and drinkable?
How much water does flow through our pipes every day?
How much is it compared with the volume we could not do without?

Durable and tough plastic was replaced by hard and brittle earthenware.
Thin-walled moldings were replaced with burnt casts with a thick wall.
Handcrafting with a limited number of pieces instead of large-scale industrial production.


The system is designed for the connection, ventilation and downpipes constructions inside buildings in case of higher temperature or chemical load, but without the need for reduced flammability. Its structure was adapted to the needs of domestic construction. Production conditions, dimensions and test conditions comply with ČSN EN 1451-1. The raw material for the production of waste pipes and fittings is polypropylene (PP) and other mineral binders, which guarantee extremely long pipe life, thermal and chemical stability

Photo ~ Viktorie Macánová