CF In.haler


In.haler is a compact  table-top  inhalation appliance for patients with cystic fibrosis. Its appearance should eliminate their dislike for inhalation, in addition it has to motivate them to its more frequent usage.  The device consists of 2 parts - the lower part serves as a storage for the inhalation components, the upper is the removable inhaler itself.
After the research of inhalation technologies, I decided to choose the ultrasonic nebulizer. Thanks to the vibrations of the oscillator, it can create a very fine nebula from any chemical solution. 

The project was developped in collaboration with the The Cystic Fibrosis Club in Prague


In order to help patients with inhalation and the arrangement of their daily life, in collaboration with Julie Dítětová we designed the mobile application to be connectable to the inhaler via Bluetooth sensor.